Eric the Red and Music

Victoria BC Saxophone Player

Thanks for stopping by to my little part of the internet. I am Eric The Red, a saxophonist from Victoria BC. I am a very active player in this area and I am always looking to pick up new gigs.

R&B, Funk, Blues, Jazz and Soul

I am well versed at reading, I am a strong soloist and I can play just about any style. I very much enjoy playing funk, acid jazz, jazz, rock and blues. Drop me an email if you need a sub or you are interested in starting a band!


The bread and butter of the last few years. Playing in bands like The Midnights, Bryden Street House Party, Pretty Little Dance Machine and more has allowed me to become nicely versed in all of the R&B classics. I have most of them memorized and ready to go.


Just simply my favourite, I love to play funk. Invite me out for the slappin' funky jam band anytime. That is what I love to do. There have been a number of them over the years and I am sure there will be more.


Nothing more fun than playing a fusion of jazz and blues, of jazz and funk and of jazz and soul. 90s acid jazz is some of my most favourite music and lately I have really been enjoying jazz funk fusion.